At School No.9: Violence and Injuries

The Story of… A Gymnasium Incident

Often the injuries at school were accidents, or the result of hitting and fights. However, Tinkers Farm records one particularly disturbing act of violence at school. [Due to the nature of the event people’s names have been removed]

“This afternoon at about 4.50pm a boy (3c) persuaded a teacher to go up to the gymnasium “where these was a man who wanted to see her!” 

When the teacher was right inside the gymnasium the boy attacked her with a policeman’s truncheon, inflicting severe head wounds – cuts extending several inches – and much haemorrhage. First Aid was rendered – the police and ambulance summoned and she was conveyed to selly oak hospital where she was detained.

The boy was arrested at 1am 14.10.44 on his return to his home, where he intended to spend the night in the lavatory.” [13.10.44]

This extreme violent act has no recorded motive attached to it and left the teacher off school for four months – the first three weeks spent at Selly Oak hospital. The boy went before Birmingham’s Juvenile Court a month later, pleading guilty, and was remanded for 14 days. The court record’s specifically list the need for a doctor’s report. [PS/B/1/1/1/1]

Despite the shocking and morbidly fascinating nature of this case it does not appear to have been reported in Birmingham’s local newspapers. The circumstances leading up to this attack will therefore probably never be known. For instance, where did the boy get a policeman’s truncheon from? Why this teacher? What did the doctor’s report recommend afterwards?

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